Active insulation systems
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Active Insulation Systems B.V. (AIS) was founded on February 14, 2018. Shareholders are Dona + Beheer B.V. and PBM Holding Veldhoven B.V. AIS is registered in the trade register in Eindhoven .
The idea of making insulation switchable dates back to 2008. On March 27, 2009, a Dutch patent was granted under number 1036775. On March 9, 2016, a European patent was granted under number 2233655. A great deal of research was carried out in the period 2008 to 2018 and market parties were approached. A feasibility study was carried out in 2009 and 2010 with a subsidy from the Dutch government. During that period, there was collaboration with ECN in Petten (Energy research Center of the Netherlands) and SBR (Stichting Bouw Research Nederland). A lot of time has been spent on obtaining grants for research. AIS was established in 2018 and preparations for a pilot project started. This was achieved in 2020 in Hapert in collaboration with SER (Smart Energy Regions) and TU/e (Roel Loonen). In the period 2018 to 2020, insulation panels were built, electronics installed and software developed for controlling the active insulation boards in the test building.
In 2017, the following research was carried out together with TU/e (Roel Loonen and Stefan Koenders); Computational performance assessment of a dynamic insulation system. In 2018 Stefan Koenders TU/e completed the Master Thesis Computational assessment of the performance of a forced convective dynamic insulation system. In 2022, Miren Juaristi Gutierrez Eurac Research conducted research into the performance of an active insulation panel; Presentation_Active Insulation_TuE_EURAC_280922.
The aim of AIS is to further develop active insulation.

PBM Holding Veldhoven B.V.
PBM Holding Veldhoven B.V. (PBM) was founded on December 3, 2007. Eugene Peeters is the sole shareholder, works on behalf of PBM for P&H and receives his main income from these activities. PBM has 1 employee Eugene Peeters. PBM is a holding company and registered in the trade register in Eindhoven . PBM is registered with the Dutch tax authorities .
PBM has 2 subsidiaries, namely AIS and P&H Adviseurs Bouw- en Vastgoed B.V. (P&H). P&H is registered in the trade register in Eindhoven .
P&H is a consultancy active in the field of project management in residential and non-residential construction. Skills are process and project management. Unlike other consultants, Eugene Peeters takes care of the realization of the projects for his clients. He buys all consultancy work, materials and manpower and works on the construction site as a project manager. He takes care of the day-to-day management of the projects in the role of person ultimately responsible for planning, technology and finance. P&H has an office at Locht 15 in Veldhoven.
Projects include Vencocampus in Eersel, Ecodisplay Mangrove Koninklijke Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem, HAVEP office and warehouse in Goirle.
Eugene is currently working as a construction consultant for Living LAB 040 in Eindhoven, a housing project where new technology in the field of construction and installation technology is built and tested. The theme is learning and sharing and is in collaboration with the municipality of Eindhoven
Task and responsibility Eugene Peeters within the project mainly concerns intellectual activities. Think of optimization of the AIS system, thinking along in the processing techniques of the product and consultancy work in all construction-related issues.

  Dona + Beheer B.V.

Dona + Beheer BV was founded on July 11, 2016. Rine Dona is the sole shareholder . Dona + Beheer BV is registered in the trade register in Eindhoven . Activities are performing engineering work in the field of technical and mechanical development and design of devices. Dona + Beheer BV is registered with the Dutch tax authorities .

Rine Dona's skills include knowledge of precision machining, dynamic and static design of complex mechanical mechanisms, mechaphysics and the conception of new products. The available resources for design are 3D design systems Alibre. Dona+ has an office at Locht 13 in Veldhoven. Ongoing projects of Dona+ are the bandage robot project and the active isolation project. Rine has 38 years of experience in design engineering and has been head of the Philips Research Center. He has worked as a developer of the EUV source for VDL (ASML) for 5 years. He has also been an evaluator for EU projects in the materials and precision engineering sector in Brussels for 10 years.
Task and responsibility within the project mainly concern intellectual activities. Think of optimization of the AIS system, mechanics between AIS and other components and thinking along in the processing techniques of the product.